Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook

Gunders’s slim but indispensable new guide...offers up easy, practical tips and delicious recipes that will help reduce kitchen waste and save money.
— Washington Post
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Gunders is...a fine coach for the growing number of chefs and consumers who regret that ‘about 40 percent of all food in the United States does not get eaten.
— Chicago Tribune
Smart tips for making conservation-savvy decisions at the grocery store and making the most of what you cart home.
— The Atlantic

Imagine walking out of the grocery store with 4 bags full of fresh food, dropping one, and not bothering to pick it up.

Seems crazy, but that’s essentially what most of us are doing all the time. The average American throws away over $35 each month in the form of uneaten food. Yup, the lettuce that went bad, the leftovers you never got around to eating, and the science experiment in the back of the fridge you’re hoping your husband will clean up one day—they all add up to 15 to 25 percent of the food you buy going uneaten. 

Packed with checklists, practical strategies, and simple recipes, the Handbook is the ultimate tool for reducing food waste at home. It includes easy tips on how to:

  • Grocery shop smarter
  • Plan meals better
  • Decode expiration dates
  • Use your fridge to its full potential
  • Cook with leftover ingredients   (including 20 tasty “use-it-up” recipes)
  • Store foods properly, including specific shelf-life, storage and creative use-it-up ideas for more than 85 common foods

 Making a difference has never been easier or more delicious!