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More Feast, Less Footprint: The Huge Climate Opportunity of Wasting Less Food


September 12, 2018

Program: 1-4:30pm, Koret Auditorium, 100 Larkin Street

Reception: 5-7pm, War Memorial Green Room, 401 Van Ness Avenue

The impacts of wasted food are truly jaw dropping—approximately one third of food around
the world goes uneaten, giving it a larger carbon footprint than any country other than the US
and China. In fact, wasting less food is ranked the # 3 solution for carbon impact by Project
Drawdown—higher than building solar farms or planting trees. Addressing wasted food also
reduces pressure on land and water resources and creates opportunities to relieve food
insecurity. This makes it a triple-win solution.

Action to reduce wasted food is exploding. This event will include:

  • An announcement by the Pacific Coast Collaborative, a group of Governors and Mayors from states and cities along the West Coast, about a new regional goal.
  • A showcase of solutions that are working in local government, industry, and financing.
  • A reception featuring creatively re-used ingredients by renowned local chef, Nicolaus Balla at the beautiful War Memorial Green Room, overlooking City Hall.

Invited speakers include:

  • Governor Jay Inslee (Washington State)
  • Mayor Durkan (Seattle)
  • Mayor Robertson (City of Vancouver BC) 
  • Ted Monk, VP Corporate Responsibility, Sodexo
  • XX, VP Corporate Responsibility, Hilton Worldwide
  • Kathleen McLaughlin, Walmart Foundation
  • Scott Smithline, CalRecycle

Event Hosts