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To keep it interesting, I write for Forbes occasionally. Here are my latest articles.

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New Bipartisan Bill Simplifies Food Dates, Saving Perfectly Good Food

Consumers often mistakenly believe that dates on food are about the food’s safety and unnecessarily throw food out as a result. A bill introduced today would help change that.


Meet the Smartest Trash Can Yet

Released today, this new, smart trash bin can tell you what's in it.


Hospital Wastes A Third Less Food After This One Change

Hospitals are one of the most egregious culprits when it comes to wasting food, but UC San Francisco Medical Center made one change that cut the amount of food it wastes by 30%.


More Than $125 Million Poured Into Food Waste Startups In 2018

An influx of money is going to companies that prevent food from going to waste. A report by ReFED tallies $125 million of private investment in the space in the first 10 months of 2018 alone.


Whole Foods' Walter Robb Is Taking On Food Waste

As part of his next chapter, former Whole Foods co-CEO Walter Robb is taking on food waste, having joined the boards of two key companies in the space over the last year.


With A Farmer's Market In A Warehouse, Blue Apron Works To Feed Its Employees, Too

Every Friday at each of its three fulfillment centers, the company holds a farmer’s market where employees are invited to take home excess produce and other inventory left over from the week’s operations, free of charge.


First Class Of Food Waste Fighters Graduate From Maersk Accelerator

Today, Maersk Growth graduated its first class of 10 startups from FoodTrack, a one-month custom accelerator program focused on reducing food waste. And that's just the start of its investment.

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An Avocado With Double The Shelf Life Debuts At Costco

If this coating can double the life of avocados, what else could it do?

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Tyson's Latest: Chips Made From Chicken Breast Odds And Ends

Tyson has introduced ¡Yappah! protein crisps. The No. 1 ingredient, as stated front and center on the package? Upcycled chicken breast.