Strategy Sessions

to drive food waste reduction

Bringing Dana in on our food waste workshop was one of smartest moves I made at Walmart. She is a credible expert in the space and able to engage seamlessly with diverse teams of senior executives and business managers. She guided us through a process that ended with solid, actionable solutions that enabled the team to take ownership and execute.
— Rob Kaplan, former Director of Product Sustainability, Walmart

Save on costs, ease your environmental footprint, and contribute to your community. Reducing food waste delivers on all three of these. However, while many companies may be loosely thinking about it, few have the focus, strategy, and buy-in to be actively implementing solutions.  Generic best practice lists are available, but it often takes a little inspiration and customization to the specific needs of a company to really get things started.


To kickstart action on food waste reduction by generating enthusiasm and identifying specific, customized, and actionable solutions.


  • 2 hours of preparation calls with selected employee

  • 3 or 4-hour workshop, or two 2-hour workshops

  • 10-20 participants, ideally representing a mix of functions and seniority

  • Agenda can be tailored in sophistication depending on group, but generally includes

    • Food waste 101 and interactive quiz session

    • Overview of common solutions for your business

    • Highlight of your leading competitor’s practices and peer case studies

    • Review of current, upcoming, and potential regulations applicable to enterprise

    • “Internal crowdsource” session where specific solutions are brainstormed, wrestled, and initially vetted

    • Close-out codifying top solutions into action streams

    • Content can be more advanced or focus on specific aspects where appropriate

  • Post-session deliverables:

    • Session summary

    • Prioritized strategic recommendations, with accompanying resources as appropriate

    • Presentation deck to enable replication and discussion with others in the company. Includes basic presentation as well as description of top solutions identified in the workshop.